Her Place Museum has an engaging and wide reaching education program, including resources, available to both primary and secondary students and teachers. These free classroom resources and opportunities are intended to assist teachers to introduce and contextualise the stories of the Her Place exhibitions.

Her Place Museum suggests that teachers utilise a broad range of the curriculum materials prior to visiting the exhibition including the pre-visit lesson plans and pre-visit general resources.

All lessons have been linked to the Victorian Curriculum to enable teachers to put them to their most effective use.  Her Place Museum is offering teachers and students free educational guided tours, teachers professional development workshop and educational resources.


Her Place: Women of Influence Exhibition


Educational Guided Tours

Her Place Education Guided tours provide students and teachers with an overview of, and introduction to, Her Place Women's Museum Australia and its current exhibition Her Place: Women of Influence.

The tour offers a brief background on sexism and gender equality.  Students and teachers are also introduced to primary and secondary curriculum materials linked directly to the 10 featured women.

If teachers and students are unable to attend the supported guided tours, Her Place can provide student resources via the website.



Educational Resources

Her Place Women's Museum Australia provides free, Victorian Curriculum-linked resources introducing and contextualising the stories of the Her Place exhibitions.

The resources are tailored for primary and secondary students and teachers and are recommended for use prior to the visit.  

Available here.


Education Program

Professional Development: Gender Equality, Curriculum, and Schools


This program was delivered by experienced teachers and covered:

  • Embedding Gender Equality materials into the curriculum
  • Promoting Gender Equality in your school
  • Respectful Relationship Education: Whole School Approach. What is DET doing?

The format of this session includes interactive presentations and whole group discussions. The emphasis is on practical ideas teachers can transfer and apply to their own school.  The aim of the session is to provide local teachers with the skills to promote and implement gender equality initiatives within a whole school framework.