Past Exhibitions and Education Materials

Her Place: Women in the West

7-31 March 2017, VU at MetroWest

Her Place: Women in the West was an exhibition that honours the lives and contributions of women in Melbourne’s west. The second in a series of exhibitions presented by Her Place Women’s Museum, it celebrated the work, achievements and historical significance of women.

The women have contributed to Australian society at both national and local levels through their work as artists and activists, writers and scientists, businesswomen, lawyers and community leaders. The group included a former state premier and the AFL’s first female coach.

Six of the women featured in the exhibition have been inducted onto the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.


Education/Victorian Curriculum links

Victorian Curriculum links (PDF 160KB)

During your visit

A 'scavenger hunt' and reflection sheet for secondary and primary students.

Scavenger Hunt Primary (PDF 105KB)
Scavenger Hunt Secondary (PDF 106KB)

Post-visit reflection - Primary (PDF 104KB)
Post-visit reflection - Secondary (PDF 106KB)

Teaching Gender Equality: a Professional Development for Teachers

Monday 27 March, 5-7pm, VU at MetroWest Gallery, FREE (snacks provided)

This program was delivered by experienced teachers and covered:

  • Building a Feminist Collective at your school: Briony O’Keeffe , Fitzroy High Fem Collective.
  • Getting a Gender Equality Policy in your Primary School: Why it’s important and how to do it - Jess Duncan from Derrimut Primary School.
  • Respectful Relationships Education: Whole School Approach. What is DET doing? Barb Jennings, Women's Officer, AEU.


Guided Educational Tours: Primary and Secondary
Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, 7 March to 22 March, 10.30am, 1.30pm (40 minute sessions), FREE

Book your school class in for a guided tour of the 10 amazing local women who feature in the exhibition, Her Place: Women in the West. An experienced teacher will facilitate your visit providing educational resources linked to the Victorian Curriculum and activities to engage your students.

Pre-visit general resources: Primary

Activity Sheet (PDF 72KB)

Pre-visit lesson plans: Secondary

Susan Alberti

Lesson plan (PDF 87KB)
Visual Activity (PDF 638KB)

Paolo Balla

Lesson plan (PDF 70KB)

Ruth Crow

Lesson plan (PDF 80KB)

Podcast - Ruth Crow
Commissioned by Arts House (2016).

Maisie Carr (nee Fawcett)

Lesson Plan (PDF 40KB)

Kerry Greenwood

Lesson plan (PDF 51KB)

Joan Kirner AC

Lesson plan (PDF 38KB)

Melba Marginson

Lesson plan (PDF 44KB)

Halima Mohamed

Lesson plan (PDF 1MB)


These great resources were developed by a group of amazing Victorian teachers who make up the Her Place Education Group. They did the work on top of their teaching work and during the Christmas break as volunteers.Victorian schools are fortunate to have such talent and dedication in their educators.

Briony O'Keeffe, Fitzroy High School ( and Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective founder)

Kylie Oliver, educator and Australian Eduction Union  activist

Ingrid Hildebrand, St Catherines Girls School

Jess Duncan, Derrimut Primary School

Lola Jennings-Edquist, East Reservoir Primary School

The Australian Education Union is proud of its' dedicated women members - Briony, Kylie, Jess and Lola.

We thank them all,

Her Place Board Member, Barb Jennings

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