What do these 3 women have in common?

What do these 3 women have in common?

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What do these 3 women have in common?

Three leaders in their fields

Three women,

Three professionals personally vilified for daring to do their jobs…also for daring to stand up to male bullies!

Julia Gillard, Australia’s First Female Prime Minister

Hillary Clinton, U.S Senator, Secretary of State, Presidential Nominee

Gillian Triggs, Emeritus Professor, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission


These Women have been publically and repeatedly called slut bitch and worse. They have been threatened with the sack, with jail and worse. Their bodies and their personal lives have been dissected and invaded.



  • They were doing their job with dignity
  • They stood up to male bullies
  • They dared to assume Leadership


‘Life is a Giant Classroom’ says media entrepreneur Arianna Huffington. Well, these three women have given us a valuable lesson in Leadership.

  • You have to be twice as good as the men in your field to be considered half as good!
  • You can/must call out sexism
  • You will need vast reserves of personal resilience
  • You can Move the Goal Posts and make a difference

You are a Role Model for young women + girls




‘If She can See it, She can Be it’

In these dark days of toxic sexism targeting women in positions of power it’s worth listening to the words of a thoughtful leader from the distant past.

What counts is the way power is used — whether with swagger and contempt, or with prudence, discipline and magnanimity. What counts is the purpose for which power is used — whether for aggrandizement or for liberation.

President John F Kennedy 1963      

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