Her Place partners with MindTribes on diversity & inclusion

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Her Place Museum has partnered with MindTribes – a diversity and inclusion consultancy – to build a road map for how the museum plans to create a culturally diverse, inclusive, contemporary public space to honour all women and girls.

While museums cannot avoid their inherent power practice in their spaces, museums can ensure that they are accessible and inclusive, especially since visitors may not recognise the power and status these spaces possess.

Our job is to first accept that, by nature of being a museum, have an inherent power to construct national identity and legitimise individuals, groups of people and ideologies. Not only are we a place where identity is consumed, but a place where identity gets created.

That is a big responsibility and we don’t take it lightly.

Moving forward, Her Place will tighten focus not only on the feminist lens but the intersectional perspective as well. Emphasising women across the various intersectional cohorts is critical, particularly when making decisions and designing programs and events.

A big thank you to the support of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust for allowing this work to take place. We would also like to acknowledge Prabha Bogodaarachchi, PhD candidate, along with our working group Members: Barb Jennings, Esther Lee Scott, Glennis Pitches, Penelope Lee, Zam Zam Aden and Urgé Dinegde (Project Lead).

Thank you to MindTribes and CEO Div Pillar.