'I’m very passionate about getting people who represent our world into engineering.'

Felicity Furey wants young people to know that engineering isn’t about sitting down and doing calculations and maths all day. “Everything about engineering is creative,” she says. “You need to be analytical and a problem solver…you’ve always got to keep people in mind and come up with ideas that will really work for everyone, so you always have to be creative in thinking of different answers to different problems.”


With a corporate engineering career in commercial and council organisations, Felicity is also a self-taught entrepreneur. She co-founded the not-for-profit organisation, The Power of Engineering, and social enterprise, Machinam, to engage more high school students to pursue study and careers in engineering and mathematics. With the understanding that young people will create the future and change the world, their events, activities and resources are designed to enhance their real-world problem-solving skills, build confidence and inspire them to learn.


“I’m very passionate about getting people who represent our world into engineering,” says Felicity, who wants to see more women and differently abled people working in these disciplines in her lifetime. “More people who represent our world should design our world.”