On August 24, 2023 The Victorian Government proudly launched Our equal state: Victoria’s gender equality strategy and action plan 2023–2027 at Melbourne Town Hall.

Our equal state is an ambitious blueprint for Victorians of all genders to live in a safe and equal society. It aims to ensure everyone has access to equal power, resources and opportunities, and is treated with dignity, respect and fairness – no matter their gender.

The strategy spells out  110 actions across government that will drive gender equality.

It focusses on addressing inequality across life stages – childhood and youth, adulthood, and older age – because inequality can start even before birth and grow over time, altering the course of people’s lives.

It also takes an intersectional approach because we know that not everyone experiences gender inequality the same, and gender inequality is compounded by other forms of discrimination and disadvantage.

A gender equal society benefits everyone. It makes our communities safer, healthier and more connected.

Our equal state explains how the Victorian Government is taking action in five focus areas:

Cultural change: Victoria is free from limiting gender norms and is an equal, fair and inclusive place for all genders.

Health and wellbeing: The health and wellbeing of all Victorians are not limited by gender.

Safety and respect: All Victorians are safe and treated with respect.

Economic equity: The economic rights and opportunities of Victorians are not limited by gender.

The public sector as a leader: The Victorian Government leads by example and advances reforms for gender equality.

We acknowledge and thank you for the important ongoing work you do and the role you play in working towards gender equality.

You can read and download the strategy here: https://www.vic.gov.au/our-equal-state-victorias-gender-equality-strategy-and-action-plan-2023-2027.

Our Equal State Launch at Melbourne Town Hall