'I think food is a problem hiding in plain sight.'

Sophie Lamond is a community food activist and researcher. She didn’t take a traditional STEM pathway, originally studying art history, curatorship and Spanish at university before discovering a passion for the environment and food politics. She wrote her master’s thesis on the politics of the milk drink Milo and is now investigating university food policies and cultures of campus activism.

Sophie wants to change the world by breaking down huge problems such as climate change and food waste into smaller challenges that individuals can tackle on a daily basis. She runs the Fair Food Challenge, which works to create healthy, fair and accessible food environments on university campuses and which includes the Unicycle, a mobile bike kitchen with re-usable plates, cups and utensils.

Sophie also puts on dinner parties with a difference. At her Gastronomica Apocalyptica events, guests are treated to a menu of insects, seaweeds, jellyfish and other foods that might survive climate change and the collapse of our food industries. A world without chocolate and coffee looms large. In 2017, Sophie won a Green Gown award for her fair food projects.