b. 1954

Tricia Malowney is an exemplar of the notion that disability is no barrier to great achievement except in the eyes of the ignorant.

Contracting polio at four months, she wore callipers until she was 16. After working for the State Bank of Victoria and Victoria Police, she was ‘retired’ from police force middle management at 46 after developing post-polio syndrome.

In 2013, in recognition of her indefatigable advocacy for people and especially women with disability, Tricia was inducted onto the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

A past president of the Victorian Disability Services Board, Tricia has a formidable history of participation, often at board level, in a huge number of disability programs, committees and services. Not incidentally, she also has a degree with majors in criminology and anthropology.

Obviously passionate about improving opportunities for and the circumstances of disabled Victorians, she concurrently pursues a busy public speaking schedule, both locally and internationally.