Give Me Shelter

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Housing All Australians launched Give Me Shelter – an economic report into the long-term costs of underproviding public, social and affordable housing. We’re proud to have partnered with Housing All Australians to deliver this study. As an Australian first, Give … Continued

Older Women & Housing in Victoria

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The University of Melbourne invites you to join an important workshop focusing on older women and affordable housing. We will explore the networks and solutions that help and hinder older women. We want to hear from you, the people who are working to make solutions happen.

Grace Tame at Her Place

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Australian of the Year Grace Tame presented at Her Place Women’s Museum Australia on 31st March 2022. She appeared in conversation with award winning journalist Mary Delahunty, our Board Chair. Grace told her remarkable story and shared her passion for … Continued

The Lost Petition at Her Place Museum

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The powerful Lost Petition by artist Dans Bain was installed at Her Place women’s Museum in East Melbourne last week to herald the beginning of the Museum’s year long salute to Women’s Activism across the generations. We are planning to … Continued

A letter to my sons, on International Women’s Day

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It is important that you know, dear sons, that excluding the voices of women, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people, particularly those of Indigenous peoples and people from the Global South, will leave us with little chance of ever achieving true climate justice. Food shortages and the financial hardships that come with climate change can also increase the risk of violence against women and LGBTQIA+ people, with rates of gender-based violence often rising following natural disasters.